One more Reason why the Japanese Combini is so Amazing!

One of the most humiliating and annoying things in this bustling city of Tokyo is the suddenly closing doors of the ticket gates at the train station when you don’t have any money left on your Suica or Pasmo.

Not only are you embarrassed that you don’t have money on your card, but you are also creating a huge line and bumping into the people behind you repeating “sumimasen” and “gomenasai” during the peak times of Japanese rush hour.

What is even more annoying is that you made a mental note of the 90yen left on your card as you got off the train that morning but completely forgot about it as you drifted along the sea of people on your way back. By the time you get the machine, there is an enormous line of people who did the same thing.

But now, you can charge your suica or pasmo at the convenience store during your lunch break! You can use the new system, that just started from October of this year!

You can now easily charge your card through any 7/11 bank machine!

Until now, if you wanted to charge your card at the convenience store, you had to line up at the register and ask the staff to charge it for you. Now you can do it by yourself. Not only that but the line for the bank machine is almost always non-existent compared to the line for the cash register.

It’s now a short 1~2 minute non-social interactive step to charge your card.

First, you just have to get to the machine and press 『電子マネーチャージ』(electric money charge)

Then you place you IC card or even your phone (if you have you Suica in your apple wallet) on the IC reader.

Next, two options on the menu will pop up, so you choose one. One is 『チャージ』(Charge) and the other is 『残高確認』(Balance Inquiry). In this case, you will click 『チャージ』(Charge).

Next, you can choose the amount of money you would like to charge. You can charge up to ¥20,000 and as little as ¥1,000. (You can only pay in cash and you will get your change back)

Once you put in the money, don’t move your card or phone until it finishes charging. (You will hear a “Pi-pi” sound)

If you need change, the machine will now give you your change.

The screen will show you the details of the transaction and ask if you would like your receipt. If you do, press 『必要』(receipt/ necessary) and if not, press 『不要』 (unnecessary) (it will say confirm, but it really means unnecessary)

Now you can take your card or phone and Go!

You can also charge your nanaco or any other electronic money card that is on this image.

And there you go! That’s another thing you can get done at the convenience stores! What isn’t there that you can’t do at the Combini? Have a nice and stress-free commute!