Cancellation Request form

This form is only for active subscribers.
No cancellation requests will be processed for prepaid products.


In order to request the end of your subscription, just fill up the form! 

Note that our plans are postpaid so cancelling at the end of a month will not cancel the payment for that particular month.


    Is it working if my phone is sim locked ?

    Your phone must be sim unlocked in order to support our sim. If your phone is sim locked, you can use our Pocket Wifi AGILITY here.
    Understand that we, Smash Mobile, do not have the ability to unlock your phone. So please check carefully.

    Do you ship abroad ?

    Yes, we ship to France, Australia, Canada, UK, USA et US Military bases.

    What sim sizes are available ?

    Our Japan sim cards are multi-sizes. Standard, Micro and Nano all in ONE.

    Can I pay with foreign credit cards ?

    Of course ! We are proud users of Stripe, so your card is accepted and your information always safe.

    Should I return the product ?

    Pocket Wifi have to be returned. If you fail to return, we will charge you a loss fee.
    Prepaid sim cards do not have to be returned.

    What is an APN ?

    APN (Access Point Name) is a special profile set up for telecommunication providers.APN are most of the time pre-set to your phone by your wireless service provider.You need to change these values to ours in order to get smashed by data !