As you may know, getting a long term mobile plan in Japan is not easy as an exchange student.

The best way might be for you to signup with a MVNO. They are companies that provide telecommunication services but do not own the network infrastructure. Instead, they are using bigger players’ network such as NTT Docomo or Softbank.
The main advantage for mobile plans through MVNO is to get more tailored service for foreigners. For example, at Smash Mobile, you get English and French Support which you cannot get through basic telecommunication service providers in Japan.

Cheaper Price, Better Support

Price wise, you can find cheaper Japan mobile plans. Usually, the price is clearer and easier to understand. Traditional service providers display prices based on family discount for example.  The other big advantage of MVNO is to be able to pay with your own currency.
As an exchange student, you might not have Japanese Yen available and paying in foreign currency can be expensive for you.
You save on the mobile plan and on the bank fees that might apply depending on your card/bank policies.

3 months minimum usage

Exchange students usually stay for short term in Japan, just a few months, the time of a study-filled semester. Getting a mobile plan requires to sign 2 years contract in most cases. Cancellation fee is also to take into account even though Japan’s Government legally reduced the price of cancellation fees on mobile plans in Japan.
With a MVNO, no need to worry about contract in most cases. A 3 months minimum usage might be required.
At Smash Mobile, we do not have any cancellation fees. Perfect to cover you for your time in Japan and ensure to go back home without paying any cancellation fees.

Flexibility & Freedom of choice

Another useful system is the flexibility of choosing between Data Only or Data and Voice Sim plans. Why paying phone fees and higher bill as an exchange student? In most case, you won’t even need to have a phone number.
An internet access is far enough to stay in contact with friends and family by using Apps like Line or WhatsApp.
In case you really need one, at least you have the choice with MVNOs.


With Smash Mobile, you can get an access to a wide selection of mobile plans for exchange students and foreigners that suits your needs in Japan.

1) You can choose between having a Japanese phone number or just data.

2) We do not have 2 years contract, so you keep your flexibility and freedom.
3) International credit cards are accepted and your info are safe thanks to Stripe.
4) All our services are in English as well as our Support.

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