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Delivery & Pick Up

  • How many days before my arrival should I order ?

    International: We recommend 14 days prior to travel.
    For Japan: We highly recommend that you order 4 days prior to your travel date. This is to make sure that you receive your product in absolute due time. Although, the delivery is usually taking only a few days when the delivery address is in Japan.

  • Do you ship abroad ?

    Yes, we ship to France, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and US Military bases.

  • Can I pick up my order at your office ?

    You can come and pick up your order at our office. please refer to the Contact Us page to find our office location.

  • How to pick up my package at the hotel ?

    At Check In, show the staff your confirmation email from us, your package should be waiting for you and the staff aware of it !

  • Can I pick up my product at an airport ?

    Yes, you can receive your packages at Airports' Post Office.

  • Can I receive my package at my student residence ?

    Yes, we deliver at your student residence. Just write your address as you would normally do and you are all set.

  • Can I track my order ?

    We will send you a tracking number once we ship your product. Here is the link to track it: https://trackings.post.japanpost.jp/services/srv/search/?locale=en

  • (For Pocket WIFI Only) I did not return my product, how should I do ?

    Contact us immediately, you can usually send the product back to us from your country. Although, after a week from your return date, we will charge you the "Loss fee" if we did not receive any news from you.

  • (For Pocket WIFI Only) Can I return my product at an airport ?

    Your can return your product by dropping your return letter in a Post Box at any airports in Japan.

  • (For Pocket WIFI Only) I lost the return envelope, what should I do ?

    You can purchase a letter and write our office address on it to return your product. Find the address here.


  • Can I pay by cash ?

    No, we do not accept cash at delivery payments.

  • Will my credit card be accepted ?

    We accept all major foreign credit cards supported by Stripe.

  • Can I get a refund ?

    If the product is not working, Contact Us to let us know.
    If the product is not supported by your phone (sim locked phone for example), we do not offer refunds.

  • Which day of the month will I be debited for my Monthly Plan ?

    Your Monthly Payment will be charged on the 25th of every month.


  • Can I have coverage everywhere in Japan ?

    Our network is based on NTT DoCoMo's network which offer the best coverage in Japan. So if you like cities or countryside, you're good in both cases !

  • When does the SIM usage period start? 

    The SIM usage period starts when you put the SIM card into your phone and start using it.

  • Can I use the product outside of Japan ?

    No, you can only use it in Japan.

  • Can I make and get phone calls with Prepaid Data SIM ?

    No, you only have data with prepaid data SIM.

  • What are the rates for Calls and International Calls ?

    You can find our call rates by clicking Here

  • How much data do I need ?

    One traveler should be using around 300 MB of data per day. 
    If you are living in Japan and have a Monthly Plan, count around 7 GB per month.

  • Can I use a sim if my phone is sim-locked ?

    No, your phone must be sim unlocked to use our sim cards.

  • How to know if my phone is sim-locked ?

    If you purchased your phone from a telecommunication company with a plan, your phone is almost certainly sim locked.
    If you purchased your phone from a mobile phone shop such as an Apple Store, then it is sim unlocked.

  • - If you purchased your phone at a major telecommunication company, your phone must be sim locked.
    - If you purchased it from a phone store such as an Apple Store for example, it is sim unlocked.

  • Can I receive phone calls ?

    You can only receive phone calls if you purchased a Monthly Plan DATA + VOICE.

  • Do I need to install an APN ?

    Yes, you need to install an APN to use our sim. It is very easy to do with our set up guide.

  • What is a Pocket Wifi ?

    A Pocket Wifi is like a small, portable Wifi box. You can connect to it via wifi from your phone.
    It is very useful when your phone is sim locked or if you are travelling in family or group.

  • I have lost my SIM, can I have a new one?

    Yes we re-issue SIM cards for lost/damaged ones.
    SIM re-issue fee is of ¥1080.