Amazon is paradise for those who love shopping but don’t really want to leave the house to go get it. The only problem is, when you are in Japan, even if you’ve found the perfect product, your address is so confusing you don’t know how to type it in and get the product to your house. Even if you managed to type something in, you never know if it will arrive because maybe the format was wrong. Now, here is the correct way to input your address to ensure that you properly get those pairs of shoes.

Japanese addresses are usually written from largest to smallest, unlike the American or European addresses. Meaning that you start from the postcode, then the prefecture (-to, -ken, -fu), city, town, street number (◯chome-◯ban-◯), apartment name, and then you end with the room number.

On Amazon, it is laid out as:
Full name
ZIP/ postal code
Address line 1: City, town 1-2-3
Address line 2 (optional): apartment name, room number
Phone number

For example in Japanese, you would write:
スマッシュ モバイル

And in English, you would write:
Smash Mobile
Shibuya-ku 1-2-3

The City, town, and street number (1-2-3) should be written on the first address line and the apartment name and room number of the second. (You can abbreviate the street name from 1chome- 2ban- 3 to 1-2-3) If you don’t live in an apartment and live in a single house, the second line is unnecessary.

Even though the Japanese addresses can look confusing, once you know the formula, it’s not that bad. With this, you can shop all you want and guarantee that your orders are not being delivered to some random place because you did not write your address correctly!