CityZEN Mobile Plans
Enjoy Japan at Full Speed.

Smash Mobile, it's

no 2 yea

High-Speed 4G/LTE

All over Japan with NTT Docomo, Japan's number 1 network.

Bilingual Support

English and French Support able to help with technical issues.

Free Delivery

Delivered in just a few days in Japan.
International available as well.

Postpaid Plans

Safe and Clear Payments.
International Cards accepted!

Get Started by choosing between
Data Only or Data & Voice

Hotspot/Tethering enabled

Hotspot and tethering are enabled on all our Japan mobile plans. Don't hesitate to share!

Works with most SIM-unlocked devices!

Save money by not having to purchase a brand new phone in Japan. List of compatible devices.

Easy Cancellation

Give us the date of your departure and pay only for the days that you've used your long-term SIM!

Easy to Switch Data Amount

If you realize that you need more or less data, just contact us to switch plan for free!

We will ask for a picture of your Passport or Residence Card at Sign Up for all Mobile Plans.
For Military Personnel, a copy of your Military ID.


Does your Long Term SIM work if my phone is SIM locked ?

Your phone must be sim unlocked in order to support our Mobile Plan SIM. If your phone is sim-locked, you can use our Pocket Wifi AGILITY.
Understand that we, Smash Mobile, do not have the ability to unlock your phone. So please check carefully.

Do you ship abroad ?

Yes, we ship our long term SIM to France, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and US Military bases.

What SIM sizes are available ?

All our Japan Mobile Plans SIM are multi-size. Standard, Micro and Nano all in ONE.

Can I pay with foreign credit cards ?

Yes, we are proud users of Stripe, so your card is accepted and your information always safe.

Should I return the product when I leave ?

No, Long Term SIM for Japan do not have to be returned.

What is an APN ?

APN (Access Point Name) is a special profile set up for telecommunication providers.APN are most of the time pre-set to your phone by your wireless service provider. You need to change these values to ours in order to get smashed by data !