Call Rates & Other charges

Domestic Call Rates

Incoming Calls: FREE, Always
Outgoing Calls: 20 JPY/ 30 seconds

Remember that all our Japan long-term sim plans are coming with 20 minutes of domestic calling included, per month, for FREE.
The fees listed upon are charged only after you've used your free minutes.

International Calls

International calls are originally deactivated on our SIM cards.

You can activate this option for free by filling up the form or by sending us an email.
It takes about a business day to process.

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    SMS Rates

    All incoming SMS are free.
    These fees apply for SMS you send.
    • Domestic

      Text LengthPrice
      1~1605 JPY
      161~3067 JPY
      307~45910 JPY
      460~61215 JPY
      613~76520 JPY
      766~91825 JPY
      919~107130 JPY
      1072~122435 JPY
      1225~137740 JPY
      1378~153045 JPY
    • International

      Text LengthPrice
      1~16050 JPY
      161~306100 JPY
      307~459150 JPY
      460~612200 JPY
      613~765250 JPY
      766~918300 JPY
      919~1071350 JPY
      1072~1224400 JPY
      1225~137740 JPY
      1378~1530500 JPY