When traveling in Japan, taking a good pair of shoes might be useful as you will be walking through many intricate tiny streets. But what about your phone? Having some data is a must to find your way and stay in touch with the World. After looking for some offers, you might run into the following question: Should I go for a prepaid sim card or a Pocket Wifi rental? Let’s answer this question now!

Should I go for a prepaid sim card or a Pocket Wifi rental?

Let’s see which option seems the best depending on your case and according to our offers at Smash Mobile.

Japan Prepaid Sim Card

The Prepaid Sim is awesome.
It does not take up space: just one small set up and you’re ready. On top of that, there is no need to worry about the battery or losing it.

The main flaw you’re asking?
Well, the prepaid sim cannot work on a sim-locked phone. If you bought your phone from a main telecommunication service provider, it is probably sim-locked.

Then what about the Pocket Wifi?

Guess what?
No need for a sim-unlocked phone. The connection is established by wifi so whatever sim is fine, including the one you bring from home.

Another good point of the Pocket Wifi is that you can connect a number of devices at the same time. So if you are traveling to Japan with your family or as a couple, it is not a problem to share!

One thing to keep in mind!
You will need to charge your pocket wifi as it has a battery. You will also need a small space to keep it with you at any time in order to use it as you wish.

With Smash Mobile, you can get high-speed data for the whole length of your trip on the NTT Docomo network. It covers 99% of Japan!

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