Cartes Sim Prépayées et Pocket Wifi

Les cartes SIM Japon 


Pratique et abordable, restez connecté à travers le Japon, sans problèmes.

Créé pour les voyageurs, adopté par beaucoup.

Parfait pour votre séjour, récupérez votre carte SIM ou votre Pocket Wifi, et en route à la découverte du Japon !

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Reviews from Trustpilot
Nicolas-Stephane Mazaud
Marcell Varga
Ben J. Sparks
Olivier Ruaud
recommended by 83 people
Easy to use
Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe.Would recommend !
December 28, 2020
Excellent service
Excellent service. People nice and very reactive.I truely recommand!
December 24, 2020
Very good experience with Smash mobile…
Very good experience with Smash mobile ! I subscribed to a mobile plan for my one-year working holiday visa in Japan. It provided me with a real japanese phone number (essential for your administrative procedures in the country), good internet connection (very fast and with enough data) for a reasonable price. It was perfect for me and helped me a lot since the other mobile plans in Japan are really expensive and difficult to subscribe to when you're a foreigner. The customer service speak english and is really nice and reactive. It was also easy to cancel online once I got back from Japan, since you don't have any contract or cancellation fees. I would recommend it to anyone who need a mobile plan in Japan !
November 25, 2020
Great SIMs provided by Smash mobile
Great SIMs provided by Smash mobile. As an exchange student I needed to find a reliable one and I've found it here.
November 20, 2020
Review Smash Mobile
J'ai passé 1 an avec SmashMobile je ne peux que les recommander. Ils ont été super, un service client hors du commun, des solutions pour les aléas que j'ai pu rencontrer avec mon téléphone. Comparer aux forfaits japonais qui coûtent une fortune et où il faut s'engager pendant au moins 2 ans Smash Mobile ne demande aucun engagement et est bien en dessous des prix avec pour couronner le tout passer par la meilleure ligne japonaise (NTT Docomo).Vous ne serez pas dessus !
September 09, 2020
The best.
I cannot recommend Smash Mobile highly enough. I lived in Japan for a year, and during that time my experience with Smash Mobile was simply flawless: smooth and painless sign-up, affordable plans with no contract, great coverage and data speeds, and a responsive and helpful customer service department.If you're visiting or moving to Japan, Smash Mobile is hands-down the way to go.
August 24, 2020
Excellent customer’s service and they…
Excellent customer’s service and they communicate well to their customers regarding such problems encountered.
April 26, 2020
Worked perfectly
Other than the post office at the airport having a hard time locating the package, everything went smoothly and the SIM card worked well the whole time we were there.
March 26, 2020
It works!
It works! Recommended. Simple and effective.
March 26, 2020
great easy pick up and reliable service…
great easy pick up and reliable service :)
March 12, 2020
Seamless ordering
Seamless ordering. Convenient pick-up facility at the airport. Well coverage of internet.
March 12, 2020
Easy pickup at narita post officer
Easy pickup at narita post officer, easy setup, excellent service!
March 11, 2020
Smart and easy
Smart and easy ! Thank you for your service.
February 27, 2020
Great experience overall
I had a great experience overall. The setup was pretty simple and I used my phone around Tokyo and get consistent and fast connection throughout my stay. I would say it's well worth the price.
February 27, 2020
I am really happy about the service !
I am really happy about the service !I ordered my SIM card, and I received it in my mail box only a few days later, with a paper explaining the steps to install it (very easy). Also the customer service is really efficient, they reply very quickly to any question in English or French, so I definitively recommend Smash Mobile.
February 26, 2020
Very convenient and worked great
Very convenient and worked great! Good coverage for us from Kansai to Hokkaido!
February 26, 2020
Service effective
Service effective. Delivery on time.Every aspects were perfect.Thank you very much.
February 06, 2020
SIM card worked as promised and was delivered to our hotel in time for our arrival. Will use again!
February 05, 2020
3Gb sim was perfect for us
We each had a 3Gb sim card for our 11 day trip to Japan and it was plenty for all our needs. It worked everywhere except at the top of the ski runs but that was ok. I'd definitely recommend Smash Mobile
February 05, 2020
Great Value
I was very happy with Smash! We got our SIM card delivered to the airport a bit at the last second, but when we arrived everything was fine and the SIM card was there.The only improvement I could think of is an email notifying me when the SIM card arrives at the airport, plus the number needed for the post office. Right now, this info could be found under the tracking information, but we had to search for it for a while. 6 GB turned out to be more than enough for our three week trip. We ran Google maps everyday and used the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, but we still couldn't use up all the data. Smash offers a SIM for much cheaper than other companies, so I would wholeheartedly recommend!
February 05, 2020
Really easy process from order to pick…
Really easy process from order to pick up at airport and installing into my phone! Also great value compared to cost of buying at airport. We were in Japan for 3 weeks and 6gb was perfect amount!
February 05, 2020
Very quick and easy to use
Very quick and easy to use. Will be using them again!
February 02, 2020
Absolutely satisfied with the service
Absolutely satisfied with the service, especially with the customer care. Very helpful team, very good English, and setting up an account is just so easy. I would recommend Smash anytime!
January 25, 2020
Easy, convenient, affordable Data Sim for Japan
Ordering was easy, shipping was very fast and the description, where to pick it up was clear. The price and quality are very good. Also installing was very easy too! (I have an iphone)I am also happy, that I didnt have to send back the sim, because its always a hassle at the airport and if you have to send something back its a bit stressful! I had 3GB for 15 Days. If you are a heavy user of Google maps, Instagram and texting (with pictures and stories) I do recommend 1 or 2 GB more. I ran out of data 2 days before I left. Top up is quite expensive so I suggest to order enough data.Oh and if you want to check your usage, you would have to do that in your data settings on your phone.Overall the experience was wonderful! No issues at all.
January 21, 2020
It is a good choice for travel in Japan
January 20, 2020
Very easy to set up
Very easy to set up. they provide the pin to pop out the sim card tray. set it up in 10min at the airport!
January 20, 2020
very helpful customer service and very…
very helpful customer service and very fast 4G data
January 09, 2020
My wife and I couldnt have survived this trip without the Smash Mobile SIM
My wife and I couldnt have survived this trip without the Smash Mobile SIM. Well worth the money. Coverage was great. Customer service is fantastic. If you have an unlocked phone, I definitely recommend using the SIM over portable wifi!
January 09, 2020
Great alternative for foreigners staying more than 3 months
Quick response, clear information, super easy to get!
January 09, 2020
très bon service
envoi à l'aeroport, recuperation facile, instalation et connexion facile... et surtout le service est disponible via facebook reponse immédiate, réactive et hyper rassurant... je recomanderai, de plus réseau hyper rapide
January 08, 2020
Service was great
Service was great! Value is great! However, after a certain amount of time where you are using a lot of data, the data gets throttled.
January 07, 2020
No calls but 4G works fine
Was unable to make any calls but 4G worked fine! It was a little hard to set up as you need wifi Connection to do so. Would be useful to know that beforehand. Overall happy with the service! I would use it again.
January 07, 2020
Great service in Japan
January 07, 2020
Nice SIM in Japan
It was easy to use and quality was perfect.Thanks a lot!!
January 05, 2020
Service was good, and no problems with the card
Good, no problems. The settings did take some effort but overall it shouldn't be too difficult for most people.
December 27, 2019
a bit expensive but reliable service
You get what you ask for. In a Samsung Galaxy S9 dual sim it worked like a charm after putting the appropriate APN settings. SIM was delivered by a mailman in three days after placing the order.
December 26, 2019
Very useful item
Very useful item, especially for those who are abroad
December 12, 2019
Easy to use
Easy to use, especially after I had an issue with having to change airports due to a missed flight they bought the sim to my hotel which was amazing service!!!
December 10, 2019
Easy ordering process and delivered to my home address in plenty of time before I flew out. The setup instructions could have been little more detailed as the instructions did not reflect the android version I had but I figured it out. Flawless connection whilst out in Japan, no reception issues in the 8 cities invisited. Definitely recommend this SIM card for hassle free travel.
December 10, 2019
Super SIM card
Super SIM card ! The SIM card was very powerful and worked very well. The company is also very listening and helpful. The Internet works very well everywhere in Japan. I traveled in the country and it has always worked.
December 10, 2019
Simple, Efficient, Always Available !
Simple, Affordable, Efficient, Always Available !The information on the website is very detailed and clear, so it was easy to see that Smash mobile plans are really affordable compared to other Japanese Mobile plans !The delivery of the SIM Card is very easy and trustworthy, and the payment method is perfect for someone like me who doesn't have a japanese banck account.But what I appreciate and like the most about Smash Mobile is the messenger contact, which is really great in order to answer to all your questions, you get a reply within 10 mns !Smash Mobile is the best choice in my opinion, I highly recommend it !A little feedback though, it would be even greater to be able to follow-up your data or calls consumption by yourself, without having to ask on the messenger app.Other than that, great job Smash Mobile, and thank you !! 🙇‍♀️
November 27, 2019
Smash Mobile is excellent to use in…
Smash Mobile is excellent to use in Japan. Easy setup and great coverage all throughout Japan.
November 27, 2019
Efficient service
Efficient service, with good value
November 27, 2019
Convenient and very easy to use!
November 27, 2019
Great prompt service
Great prompt service. We used Smash mobile for about 6 months as a data sim during our stay in Japan. Customer service is great and fluent english making things a lot easier and very little paper work hassle compared to other providers. Highly recommend
November 26, 2019
Being our first trip to Japan
Being our first trip to Japan, we were worried about being able to get internet while we were there. Smash Mobile made everything super easy! Communication was fast and easy. The WiFi was sent to me at the airport with easy pick-up. We traveled from Hiroshima to Tokyo with many stops in between over a 2 week period. Our signal never dropped. I cannot recommend them enough! Thank you!
November 18, 2019
Very good service!
Got SIM card shipped to UK on time, set up was easy and instant following the directions provided in the letter I have received along with the SIM card. Coverage of service was good, would highly recommend.
November 11, 2019
Easy pick up at the airport.
November 11, 2019
Very good
Receave on time.. And worked anywhere..Perfect
Great service
Great service, zero issues.
November 09, 2019

Livraison au Japon

Récupérez votre carte SIM ou Pocket Wifi dans les aéroports, votre hôtel, dans nos bureaux ou à votre propre adresse au Japon.

Voir les aéroports disponibles

Livraison en France

Nous expédions nos cartes SIM en France, Belgique, Suisse mais aussi au Canada, en Australie, aux USA et au Royaume-Uni.
Expédition internationale: 900¥.

Commandez au moins 14 jours avant votre voyage.

Carte SIM Japon HORIZON Illimitée

Pour ceux qui voyagent sans limites

HORIZON Illimitée
31 jours

€45 Hors tva 10%.
  • Internet Illimité
  • Assistance en français
  • Réseau n°1 du Japon
  • Débit Internet rapide
  • 3 tailles de carte sim en une
  • Livraison Internationale ou au Japon !
Acheter maintenant

HORIZON Illimitée
60 jours

€85 Hors tva 10%.
  • Internet Illimité
  • Assistance en français
  • Réseau n°1 du Japon
  • Débit Internet rapide
  • 3 tailles de carte sim en une
  • Livraison Internationale ou au Japon !
Acheter maintenant

HORIZON Illimitée
90 jours

€110 Hors tva 10%.
  • Internet Illimité
  • Assistance en français
  • Réseau n°1 du Japon
  • Débit Internet rapide
  • 3 tailles de carte sim en une
  • Livraison Internationale ou au Japon !
Acheter maintenant

99% du Japon couvert.

Des îles paradisiaques d’Okinawa aux stations de ski de Hokkaido, notre réseau vous couvrira.

Le réseau de NTT Docomo est la couverture la plus efficace du Japon avec un taux de 99% des villes jusqu'aux campagnes.

En savoir plus »

AGILITY Pocket Wifi au Japon

Son meilleur atout ? Vous pouvez vous connecter à plusieurs et il est donc pratique si vous voyagez en couple ou en groupe ! 

- 4G LTE
- Pas besoin de carte sim
- Simple connexion par wifi

AGILITY Illimité

De 3,7€ à 5€/jour Hors tva 10%. Unlimited
  • Data: 1 GO/jour haut débit. Vitesse ralentie à 200kbps ensuite.
  • Location minimum: 3 jours 
  • Support en français
  • Réseau n°1 du Japon
  • 10 appareils maximum en simultané
  • Débit Internet rapide
  • Livraison au Japon seulement
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3 étapes simples pour profiter de l'univers Smash Mobile


Choisissez parmi notre sélection d'offre celle qui vous convient. Tous nos produits vous assure une connexion rapide et un support en anglais ou en français.


Nous livrons à l’adresse qui vous convient le mieux: aéroport, hotel, airbnb ou logement étudiant. Récupérez votre produit une fois arrivé !

Installation rapide

Une fois reçu, remplacer votre sim par la carte Smash Mobile HORIZON ou allumer votre Pocket Wifi AGILITY et suivez les instructions de notre guide.

Vous êtes prêt !

Vous êtes maintenant prêt et connecté afin de partir découvrir le Japon sous toutes les coutures, sans problèmes !

forfait mensuel Vous restez au Japon plus de 3 mois ?   Découvrez nos forfaits mensuels CityZEN ici.


Mon téléphone est sim-locké, je peux utiliser ce service ?

Votre téléphone doit etre dé-simlocké pour pouvoir fonctionner avec nos cartes sim. Si votre téléphone est sim-locké, vous pouvez utiliser nos
Pocket Wifi AGILITY ici.

Nous ne pouvons pas dé-simlocker votre téléphone.

Vous livrez à l'étranger ?

Oui, en France mais aussi au Canada, USA, Suisse, Belgique, Royaume-Uni et Australie.

Quelles tailles de cartes sim sont disponibles ?

Nos cartes sim sont multi-tailles. Standard, Micro et Nano en UNE seule sim.

Puis-je payer avec une carte française ?

Oui ! Nos paiements sont gérés par Stripe. Paiement en euro et en sécurité.

Je dois retourner le produit ?

Les Pocket Wifi doivent etre retournés. Si vous ne renvoyez pas le matériel, nous vous chargerons la perte. Les cartes sim ne doivent pas être retournées.

APN ? C'est quoi ?

Access Point Name ou APN, appelé aussi nom du point d'accès réseau, est un identifiant qui permet à un utilisateur de téléphonie mobile d'un réseau 2G, 3G ou 4G de se connecter à Internet.

Vérifiez si votre téléphone déverrouillé fonctionnera au Japon

Cliquez ci-dessous pour voir la liste de nos appareils pris en charge.