Mobile Plan CityZEN 10GB – Data

¥4,400 ¥3,960 excl. 10% VAT on the 25th of each month and a ¥2,000 sign-up fee

Special Deal: 10% OFF EVERY MONTH on your mobile plan guaranteed for the length of your subscription!

‣ High-speed Data all across Japan
‣ No Contract, Free Cancellation
‣ Support in English
‣ Rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot with 4.6/5
‣ Unlimited reduced-speed internet
‣ Free Delivery

Payments via credit/debit card | 3 SIM Sizes in 1 | Data renewed the 1st of every month

First payment: April 25, 2020

  • Description

    Product Description

    The CityZEN 10GB Monthly Plan comes with 10GB of data per month.
    Unlimited 200kbps speed if you reach your data quota.

    – NTT DoCoMo 4G LTE network
    – Free Shipping
    – Multi-size sim
    – Easy APN setup with our guide

    NOTE: Your phone MUST be sim unlocked in order to use this product.
    You must provide a valid ID confirming that you are Resident in Japan (Japan Visa or Residence Card).

    To cancel your subscription, email us before the 25th of the month when you desire to stop.

    You can access our FAQ by clicking here.
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  • Payment and Schedule

    Payment and Schedule

    All payments are made via credit or debit card.

    Our Mobile Plans are post-paid plans.

    1. Signup Fee
      You pay it at signup
    2. Renewal Payments
      Renewals are made on the 25th each month, for the current month.
      -> Usage of August from the 1st to 31st will be charged on August 25th
  • Mobile Plan Short FAQ

    Mobile Plan Short FAQ

    1. What do I need to signup ?
      You will need a picture or scan of either your passport (Japan’s visa page), your Residence Card or your Military ID.
    2. It is the end of the month, do I have to pay for the whole current month if I signup ?
      If you signup after the 23rd of the month, we will not charge you at the end of the month.
      Instead, your first renewal payment will be at the end of the next month.
      Your subscription will be updated and the new renewal date will show on your Account.
    3. How soon can I get my Mobile Plan SIM card ?
      You can select to pick it up on the same day at our office. Usual shipping in Japan takes 2 to 4 days.
    4. Can I signup now even if I come to Japan later in the future ?
      Yes! As long as you know where to receive your SIM, you can add in the order notes your date of arrival.
      We will not charge you anything until you actually arrive in Japan.
      For example: You want to subscribe in August but arrive in October, then your first renewal will be at the end of October!
    5. Can I update my payment info and switch credit cards online ?
      Yes you can do it from your Account under the Payment Methods section.
  • Termination Policy

    Termination Policy

    To cancel your subscription, email us before the 25th of the month when you desire to stop.

    SIM cards do not need to be returned to us.