Japan Prepaid SIM Cards

The Japan SIM for

We offer you an easy way to stay connected, always, everywhere with our travel SIM for Japan.

Our Japan Travel Data SIM - HORIZON

The HORIZON Japan travel SIM Card is easy to use if you are traveling in Japan for just a few days, or even up to 3 months!

Fast and Reliable 4G/LTE

All over Japan with NTT Docomo, Japan's most famous network.

Simple Setup

Clear and quick indications to setup your SIM. No activation needed!

Safe payments

We accept credit and debit cards in many currencies.

Japan Pick-up at Airports, Hotels and more!

Pick-up your Japan Prepaid SIM or Pocket Wifi at Airports, your Hotel or any address across Japan.Shipping in Japan: ¥500

Airport pickup unavailable if you arrive in less than 4 days.

See Available AIRPORTS

International Shipping

We are shipping our Japan SIM Cards to France, Canada, Australia, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and UK.

International shipping with tracking: ¥900.
Delivery takes 7 business days.

Order a minimum 14 days prior to your travel. 

How to get yours ?

Order your Japan SIM Card

Choose within our wide selection of plans the one that suits your needs. All our plans offer fast internet connection and English support.

Pick up

We deliver your SIM card Japan at the address that is the most convenient for you: home, airport, hotel, airbnb or dormitory. So all you have to do is pick your product up once you are here in Japan or even before you arrive!

Quick Setup

After the pick up, just replace your current sim with the Smash Mobile's sim card Japan and follow the instruction given to you in our package.

Start your journey

Your are now connected and ready to go explore Japan's amazing cities and culture!

What do our customers think ?

The Monthly Data plan is very good for a student like me.

Marie L.
Exchange Student

We’ve asked to get our sim card delivered at our hotel. It was easy to set it up with the indications in the package.

Sarah V.
Traveler from Australia

We’ve used their Pocket WiFi and it is so good to find where to go in the busy Tokyo!

James S.
Traveler from California

I thought finding a sim card in Japan as a student was easy… It wasn’t. Until I found out about Smash Mobile from a friend at school!

Fabien D.
Exchange Student

Check if your sim-unlocked phone will work in Japan

Click below to see the list of our supported devices.



Is it working if my phone is sim locked ?

Your phone must be sim unlocked in order to support our sim. If your phone is sim locked, you can use our Pocket Wifi AGILITY here.
Understand that we, Smash Mobile, do not have the ability to unlock your phone. So please check carefully.

Do you ship abroad ?

Yes, we ship our SIM Card Japan to France, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and US Military bases.

What sim sizes are available ?

Our Japan sim cards are multi-sizes. Standard, Micro and Nano all in ONE.

Can I pay with foreign credit cards ?

Of course ! We are proud users of Stripe, so your card is accepted and your information always safe.

Should I return the product ?

No, prepaid sim card Japan do not have to be returned

What is an APN ?

APN (Access Point Name) is a special profile set up for telecommunication providers. APN are most of the time pre-set to your phone by your wireless service provider. You need to change these values to ours in order to get smashed by data !

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